X-Zone Newsletter 2/13/02

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The X-Zone 
February 13, 2002
The X-Zone Newsletter provides periodic updates on new site content, DirectX news items, along with useful tips and links. 

News Flash!
Microsoft Recognizes Two New MVPs for DirectX Support
In recognition of their extensive support of DirectX within the on-line developer community, Microsoft has awarded the MVP Award to Eric DeBrosse and Richard Thomson. 
The X-Zone partners with Blown.com to provide extended content
To provide a wider range of content and to support a wider audience, The X-Zone is partnering with Eric DeBrosse' s Blown.com.  By arrangement with the authors, content from The X-Zone will be converted to target users of Visual Basic, and mirrored at Blown.com.  New content at Blown.com will likewise be converted to target Visual C++ users and mirrored on the X-Zone.
Visit Eric DeBrosse' s new DirectX site today at http://www.blown.com/dx/

New Content
Texture Based Clipping
User defined clipping planes allow the clipping of geometry to arbitrary planes.  While up to six planes may be defined when using software vertex processing, many drivers do not support user defined clipping planes in conjunction with hardware vertex processing; one major vendor even removed support from the latest versions of their drivers.  This article shows an alternative method that allows clipping to user defined planes, while still realizing the performance gains of hardware transformation and lighting, without requiring explicit driver support.  Demo application and source code provided.
New Smalltalk MT Version Available

A new version of Smalltalk MT (4.0 Build 517) is now available for download.  This a a complete, time limited version of Smalltalk MT, enabling you to build all runtime components.  Additional features include new DX8.1 samples, bug fixes, and XP logo compliance.

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