X-Zone Newsletter 3/8/02

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The X-Zone 
March 8, 2002
The X-Zone Newsletter provides periodic updates on new site content, DirectX news items, along with useful tips and links. 

New Content

Stencil Based Screen Wipes
 Illustrates the application of an alpha mask to the stencil buffer, and the use of this technique to create complex screen wipes between scenes.   Includes sample application with source code and media.
Rendering 3D Scenes to Large Image Formats 
 In this article we examine a technique for rendering very large images in Direct3D, independent of available video memory.  This  can be extremely useful if you need to generate artwork for print - blowing up a screen grab to poster size just doesn't cut it!  Includes sample source code. 
Saving a Screen Shot in DirectX Graphics
With the release of the DirectX 8.1 SDK, new functions were introduced to the D3DX libraries providing pre-canned routines to write image files from DirectX resources.  In this article, we will examine a function to save a screen shot from an application as a BMP or DDS file.

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