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The X-Zone 
December 13, 2001
The X-Zone Newsletter provides periodic updates on new site content, DirectX news items, along with useful tips and links. 

Tips and Tricks
Need to compile your application using the Direct3D 8.0 interfaces, but using the DirectX 8.1 SDK?  It's easy - just specify a value of 120 in your call to Direct3DCreate8(), rather than the value of D3D_SDK_VERSION specified in the docs.  This will cause your application to generate the Direct3D 8.0 interfaces at runtime, rather than the new 8.1 interfaces.  This is useful if your application must support Windows 95, which is not supported under DirectX 8.1, or if you want to support users with DirectX 8.0 runtimes rather than requiring an upgrade to 8.1.
For further information, see:

New Content
Smallalk MT
Smalltalk MT is a compiled and optimized version of the Smalltalk object oriented language, with support for DirectX 8.1.  The X-Zone has commited to provide support for Smalltalk MT, including on-line articles and FAQs and a discussion group for Smalltalk MT developers.
Download the trial version today!
Introduction to Catmull-Rom Splines
Provides a basic explanation Catmull-Rom splines and some of their potential uses.  Includes demo illustrating the use of Catmull-Rom splines for smooth animation along a path, with C++ source code, media, and executable.
Improved Ray Picking
Sample application with source code to demonstrate selection of an object in a 3D scene from screen coordinates.  This sample improves upon the DirectX SDK's Pick sample by handling separate object transformations, and also demonstrates transformation of objects in a scene hierarchy. 

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