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This page contains answers to common questions about development in Smalltalk MT.

General Development Issues

Deliverable Files

Questions about source code strategy

What is the purpose of the message #_asCinteger ?

How would I do it if I wanted to use runtime binding?

Is there a Notifier in Smalltalk MT?

What is the purpose of the window property 'STOBJ'?

ApplicationProcess allInstances is empty

Handling Windows Messages

I evaluated the following: [ ^self ] fork, and it raises an exception

Getting Started with Projects...

Building an Executable

Debugging an Executable

Miscellaneous Memory Allocation Questions

How do I stop a thread?

How do I exit Smalltalk MT by program?

MappedObjectStream only stores one object

Closing a memory-mapped file while keeping a reference generates an exception

Sample Code: Loading and unloading ActiveX Controls dynamically

Notes on this FAQ Page

This page is made available to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions that are encountered by software developers using Smalltalk MT.  The questions are selected from the experience of myself and others in the Smalltalk MT community, experience gained both from our own trials and through the assistance we provide to the developer community through the public newsgroups.

This list is a work in progress, and will continue to grow as new issues arise.  If you see issues that are not covered here, please let us know through our Feedback Page, or if you have problems with the forms there drop me a line.

Note that this FAQ is, for the sake of size, not intended to provide a full tutorial on these subjects.  Rather, it will provide short, concise answers that will point you in the right direction to find a solution.  As this site advances, we will do our best to include pointers to articles and samples that illustrate each topic.

Special thanks to David Anderson of and Tarik of ObjectConnect, and all the others who have assisted in compiling this and other pages... their assistance has helped make the X-Zone a reality.

This site, created by DirectX MVP Robert Dunlop and aided by the work of other volunteers, provides a free on-line resource for DirectX programmers.

Special thanks to WWW.MVPS.ORG, for providing a permanent home for this site.

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