WSH File Version Data


Pretty much inspired by Torgeir Bakken's notes on some shortcomings in the online info…
Known Dates wscript.exe vbscript.dll jscript.dll wshcon.dll wshext.dll wshom.ocx Where Sighted
  Core WScript EXE VBScript Language DLL Jscript Language DLL WSH Controller Extensions Runtime Library         Original WSH                                                                   XP RC2 XP Release
2002-03-02 21:59          
 2002-07-18 (.NET) .NET RC1        
2003-01-14 Released to coincide with Windows 2003
Oddball Revs              

Note: there are occasional system files that begin with "wsh" that have nothing to do with WSH; wsh is also used as an abbreviation for "Windows Socket Helper".  the DLLs named wshatm, wship6, wshisn, whsnetbs, wshqos, wshrm, and wshtcpip are examples of these.

Alex Angelopoulos (aka at mvps dot org)