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General Scripting Resource Sites

Clarence Washington's Original Scripting Site

This is really the mother of all scripting resource sites.  It has been around for years, contains a huge library of ready-to-use scripting components and tools, and daily has more items added.  This is to scripting what a 400,000 square-foot contractor's warehouse is to construction: after you get what you want, you'll want to spend an hour or so looking at the other toys.

Clarence Washington's Tools

I TOLD you this site was useful.  This page contains links to various COM objects.  One of the key values of this page is that they are locally hosted; some of these tools are not needed on XP and 2000, but are critical for other operating systems, and Clarence still keeps them available as they disappear from "trendy" Internet sites.

Scripting Techniques for Scientific Computing

Specialty Scripting Site Picks

Jim Warrington

Jim Warrington's site is a gem.  You won't find popular solutions to the problems everyone asked last week in here; you won't find advanced theoretical treatments of accessing vtable information from script.  You will find a lot of intriguing solutions to special but real problems.

Insofar as he has a focus, Jim seems most intrigued by what I call the "brick wall" problems in basic scripting: issues such as API access, creating custom dialog boxes, custom types, and other general problems which seem minor at long range but up close are intractable roadblocks to progress.

Jim's solutions have an elegance that must be seen to be appreciated.  He uses simple tools accessible to everyone: a text editor, Internet Explorer, the free VB5CCE for esoteric work,  Internet-accessible information, and most importantly, a brain.


Mailing Lists


This is the only newsgroup I have seen which deals with lex/flex/yacc/bison issues on Win32.

Specialty Not-Quite-Scripting Topic Areas

Language Grammar Resources

Notations for Context-Free Grammars

Peter Jinks' page