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Repeat after me 5 times-- I will not create Yet Another Web-page, I will not create... OK, sometimes practicality overcomes even the most obstinate of opinions. I get a lot of questions, particularly about some of the code examples I've written and published.  Most of the examples are on the Visual Basic Programmers Journal's web site.   I highly recommend this site as a source of current information good discussions, and, of course, downloads of all the code for VBPJ's published articles and columns. But, for various reasons, it is easier to just send questioners to one site, without any subscription fee.

This site will initially contain the code for all the articles and columns I have done for VBPJ. I hope to augment this code with other sample code from time to time...

You are totally free to use the code for your own applications, whether personal or commercial.  But since I don't have time to support other people's modification, I ask that you DO NOT distribute the source code in any manner whatsoever (profit or non-profit).  Feel free to link with this site.


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Please send any comments, bug reports, or success stories you feel like sharing to: LJ Johnson. Also, you can check out the Ask the NT Pro site.

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