Home Theater

Well, I filled up my Pioneer DV-F727. So, naturally, I bought a second one as a slave unit. Guess what, it's basically filled also <sigh>. There are some slots left for the rest of Star Gate and Babylon 5 as they *slowly* come out with the packages. Guess I'll have to go back to the "store outside the changers" mode soon.

I had some restrictions in setting up our Home Theater, mainly space limitations due to the fact that we set it up in the bedroom. Thus, the TV is only 27" (32"+ wouldn't fit, but a definite improvement over my old 19"). Since all the components are JVC, the remote for the Receiver basically controls 95% of the common functions. It's quite nice to put in a DVD and have not only the amp switch to DVD, but the TV to switch to Video #2 and the default settings for the DVD to be restored.






Receiver: JVC RX-888VBK
DVD Changer: Pioneer DV-F727
TV: JVC AV-27D200
CD Changer: JVC 200-Disk Changer XL-MC334BK
Speakers: Klipsch Quintet System
Subwoofer: Klipsch KWS 10
RCA WHP150 Wireless Headphones
Programmable Remote Control: Philips Pronto
Philips Tivo (2)
Turntable: Technics (old, will be replaced)
Cassette Deck: Technics (old, will be replaced)
Cables: Mainly Monster Cables, various grades
Optimized with Video Essentials and Radio Shack SLM # 33-2050
Mini-Disk Player/Recorder: Sharp MD-MS722 (will add component recorder later)









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