Visual Basic MVP Summit, 2001 (5)

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Pictures taken during the VB MVP Summit at Redmond, Washington on March 1 - 2, 2001 (page 5 of 6). Captions are included in the Alt tags for the thumbnails, so you should be able to see them by pausing your mouse over a picture. If you spot someone who you know but who isn't identified, please let me know and I will update it. 

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Saturday morning, before the field trip Don tells Randy about his new camera Deborah Kurata Karl is *really* sleepy this morning... Don Bradner Bob O'Brien, Billy Hollis and Randy Birch Brian Stafford and Dick Grier Joe Levasseur Mattias Sjögren Breakfast Mountains from the bus stop Yes, the buses go underground (the Bus Tunnel)... Pioneer Square, post-earthquake, post-riot Pioneer Square Ye olde ferry trip Firedrill practice The crew on the ferry <g> Looking back at the Space Needle Other end of the ferry trip Seattle coming back Financing on parrots? Time for lunch Some nice buildings in Seattle (Westlake Center Shopping Mall)

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More pictures