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DirectPlay FAQ

Q: How can I get the IP address of the computer my program is running on?
A: GetLocalHostAddress can be used to get the host name and/or IP. GetLocalHostAddress returns a DirectPlay8Address object. You use the DirectPlay8Address.GetComponentString method of this object, passing "hostname" for the sComponent parameter, to return the host name string. Note: there could be more than one IP on the system. See the following question for more details.

Q: DirecPlay8Peer.GetLocalHostAddress fails with error 5, invalid procedure call or argument.
A: If your machine has more than one IP address (for example a network card using TCP/IP and a modem using TCP/IP at the same time) the method will fail. The method should really be called GetLocalHostAddresses (plural) as it is in the C++ docs. This is an issue that should be resolved for DX9. One alternative would be to create a simple Winsock class that could enumerate the IPs for you.

Q: What is the DirectPlay8Peer.GetEnumHostResponseAddress function used for?
A: It's a non-existent function that shouldn't be in the docs.

Q: DPNSVR keeps running after my application closes.
A: DPNSVR stays around for up to 10 minutes in the event another session is started. If you don't require host enumeration, DPNSVR can be disabled by setting the DPNSESSION_NODPNSVR flag in your DPN_APPLICATION_DESC type. You can also shut down DPNSVR by running DPNSVR /K from the command line.

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