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DirectX Related Questions

Q: When will DirectX 9 be released?
A: Estimated - Quarter 3, 2002

Q: I'm having trouble using DirectX with Visual Studio.NET
A: Official support for .NET will be included in DX9. There are many issues with using DirectX 8.1, for example, with .NET that will not be addressed by the DirectX team. There are workarounds for some of the issues. Some examples of DirectX and .NET can be found on www.gotdotnet.com.

Q: Where can I get an .x file exporter for Max 3 or 4 with a GUI?
A: The DirectX SDK "Extras" download page has exporters with source. Try this link: msdn.microsoft.com/directx/.

Q: How do I disable task switching (alt-tab, etc.)?
A: The PC is not an X-Box or a PlayStation 2. You should play friendly with Windows and handle the task switches with grace. This can't be accomplished on NT based systems anyway.

Q: Where can I find free 3d models and textures?
A: Do a search on Google or try 3dCafe.com.

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