Known Issues and Notes:

1. It's a good idea to backup the batch files and everything in the PureDOS folder. 

2. If the shortcut to PureDOS is run by accident and the machine is shutdown, when restarted it will boot to the C:> prompt. Typing: WinMe then pressing enter should get you back to Windows. 

3. If you run the PureDOS shortcut but fail to restart the PC, an "Incorrect MS-DOS version" message will appear when you try going to a DOS prompt window or running any batch file. Do not try to correct this by attempting to run WinMe under Windows: you must restart to the PureDOS prompt and Type: WinMe  

4. This Win98 DOS method copies some Win98 system files over Win-Me system files. It then restores the original Win-Me files so there's always a possibility files could get mixed up. Should this occur, use the Win-Me startup disk to restore the original system files. To do this, boot with the Win-Me startup disk and at the A: prompt, type: Sys C: and press enter. After a moment you will get the message, "System Transferred." Remove the startup disk and reboot your machine. 

5. When installing other software on Windows ME, it is possible that it may add items to the autoexec.bat file, which will get imported to the registry. One sign of this is that a run of msconfig.exe reports that new settings have been imported. If this is done, you should delete C:\PureDOS\, then copy the new C:\Autoexec.bat to C:\PureDOS and rename it Then run regedit.exe and open to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\Environment highlight it and take File - Export to C:\PureDOS\stdenv.reg, replacing the existing file. This will ensure that exit from Pure DOS mode restores the new state of the machine. 

6. At least one report has been sent in describing a failure when trying to run the SetupDOS.bat file. The file was downloaded to one machine in a folder called Download then transferred to another machine for use. Somehow during transit it gained over 100 additional bytes making the file useless. Re-downloading the SetupDOS.bat to the SetupDOS folder and running it from there took care of the problem. OK, I've read them now take me back. 

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