Using the PureDOS technique to run Powerquest's Partition Magic 4.0-4.01

 For Partition Magic 5 see the PM5 section. NOTE: This method is for advanced users so if you are new to Partition Magic, we don't recommend you try this procedure. This method should be adaptable to other programs which need to run a second stage under pure DOS after an initial phase in Windows. To use Partition Magic 4.0, download Pmagic.exe by clicking here. This is a self-extracting archive and by default will extract a file called Pmagic.bat in the C:\Windows\Command folder. If Windows is installed in a directory other than C:\Windows, type the path to your Command folder. 

The Pmagic.bat file is written for Partition Magic's default executable path: C:\Program Files\Powerquest\PartitionMagic4\Win9x. If Partition Magic is installed in a folder other than the default, you must edit the Pmagic.bat file to reflect your path using the DOS short file names. Example: Suppose Partition Magic is installed in a folder named Powerquest. You use the "first" 6 letters of the folder name, the ~ sign then the number 1. This also must be for every sub-folder under the Powerquest folder as well. So the path will now look like: Powerq~1\Partit~1\Win9x Once this has been done, Partition Magic 4.0 can be run as follows:

1. Run Partition Magic 4.0 as usual. If a dialog appears saying that it may not run under this system, mark the box which precludes the message from reappearing and continue. 

2. Set up the changes that you wish to make and Apply.

3. If it gives the dialog which indicates that it will run in DOS mode (it will only do so if the changes involve a partition with files that are in use, for example when modifying C:) do not reply immediately, invoke PureDOS from the Start Menu first, then reply OK to the dialog. NOTE: If you do not invoke PureDOS first, the machine will reboot immediately to Windows without making the changes you have set up. 

4. The system will reboot into Pure DOS. Type: PMAGIC to run the Partition Magic real mode phase. 

5. At the end, it will reboot the system, once again to the C:> prompt of Pure DOS. Type: WinMe to return to Windows. 

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