There are two methods you can use: SimpleCD is easier to set up, but CDStart gives more memory to use and requires a further reboot. SimpleCD is explained below, but if you want a little more memory see the CDStart Section

 Note: This is for most ATAPI CDROM drives. If your CD-ROM doesn't load by the SimpleCD method, you will need to obtain the drivers from your manufacturer and make the necessary changes in your SimpleCD.bat file.

 SimpleCD Method: In an empty folder on your desktop, download Ctload.exe from Double-click the file to extract the files it contains. Copy/Paste to the PureDOS folder--the other downloaded files are not needed. Download SimpleCD.exe here. This is a self-extracting archive and by default will place the file in the C:\Windows\Command folder. If Windows is installed in a directory other than C:\Windows, type the path to your Command folder.

 Instructions for use: Once you have run the PureDOS shortcut from the Start Menu and are at the DOS prompt, type in SimpleCD and press Enter. To return to Windows, type: WinMe and press Enter.

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