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Resources, tips, registry customisation, programs for MS Word and Windows 98



Since I've been collecting stats on a per page basis I've noticed that people tend to visit the Win98 and IE5 pages only. These pages are where I put topics that don't fit elsewhere. Still visit them as both have been updated.

I'd like to encourage you to visit the Explorer & Start Menu page in particular as this is the best customising page on the site. It includes Explorer Options which has about 70 tweaks for the Windows shell.

If you use Word 97 (and even if you use 95 or 2000) then Word 97 Mouse Tips is a great document (on the TOC for printing or viewing, on the downloads page as an E-Book) that has 9 years worth of work in it. Sounds boring I know, but for Word 97 it is a complete reference and no matter what your experience is you'll find something new. The smaller Word 6 version is also available.

For information on common Windows programs such as Scandisk, Scanreg, Defrag, Help, and more. This lists their command line switches and registry settings see Programs Reference

Serenity Macros

I've decided not to update Serenity Macros for any future version of Word. This is because I'm out of ideas - each release of Word incorporates most of the features of Serenity Macros for the previous version. There are some stand alone programs on the downloads page.

If you want a particular feature that Word doesn't have, and you think other people might like it too, then E-Mail me and I may write it (I have lots of half written macros for 97/2000 that don't seem worth the effort to finish). Note that I have sold 5 copies only in four years for version 2 and one copy for version 1.5. Each version built on my private collection from XEdit in Rexx (mainframe), PCWrite (only 1 control statement), Word 1, then Word 2 which is many, many hours of work. Each version of Serenity Macros took 6 months to write at 14 - 16 hours a day. I failed university in both of those years.

You are quite free to treat ver 1.5 as public domain (my Word 6 installation disks are corrupt so I can't edit the files to remove copyright information). Serenity Macros ver 2 is still copyrighted as I have contractual obligations.

If you use either (even if you didn't pay) I would appreciate an e-mail telling me that you are using it. My e-mail address has changed since the programs were released so E-Mail SIA stands for Students Internet Associatation (of NSW TAFEs). If you want a non commercial ISP (you don't need to be a student, I'm not) and you live in NSW, Australia go to their web site.

Future Directions

This site will concentrate on Windows 98 untill Windows Millenium is released. Then the current site will be frozen and a new Millenium site will start.

What's New

WebView for WinMe Released!

A custom folder web view with text file preview, select & unselect files by wildcard, recent folders plus more. Check out Webview now. For the Windows Me shell only, not Windows 98. 

What Projects I'm Working On

A fix for Australian computers needed because daylight saving starts in winter for this year only due to the Olympics (give the masses bread and circuses).

A HTA application to replace the individual vbscrips to clear the shell's MRUs.

Namespace Article

An essay explaining namespaces and the syntax of desktop,ini are on the Icons page. Explains how to remove that icon from the desktop.

Windows 98 Tips Section

The Windows 98 tips and hacks section has had the most focus. There has been many alterations to existing topics and quite a few new topics.

Explorer Options has been updated again, and there is more to come.

Macro Finder

Last updated 31/1/2000. Lists macros that are supplied with Word, on this site, in either Serenity Macros package, or can be downloaded by Word version. A total of 299 macros.

Word Mouse Tips

Last Updated 30-1-99. Word Mouse Tips (print version) has been updated with a fuller listing of Word's command line switches.

This requires Word 97 to view as it's meant for printing, it's 14 pages long. IE will display the document in the browser window. It's still available on the downloads page in both print and help file versions.

A Word 2000 version won't be produced as it's mostly similar and the focus of this site will change to Windows Millenium when it's released.

Icon Finder

Lists where various icons are in Windows. Select your Icon and read the filename and index. Access this page from the Icons page.

Download This Site to Disk

This site is available as a zip file for downloading to disk so it can be read offline. Downloaded files are included.

Unzip to any directory keeping the directory structure. Create a shortcut to index.html and drag to your Start Menu.

Download this site in a zip file

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