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  The files and information on this site are to be used at your own risk, I suggest lab testing before installing or using on production equipment (duh!)  Gotta protect myself from lawsuits that may eat up my beer money :)  Thanks, Scott.

Remote Install Service

Need to add a patch, hotfix, or the latest Internet Explorer to your RIS images but don't want to RIPREP again? Interested in GUIRunOnce or CMDLine methods in your RIS?:  Installing Hotfixes/IE in your RIS setup

OEM Driver installations:  These are step-by-step instructions for deploying network drivers and the required files to do it.  Click Here This is not a duplication of MS's OEM Knowledge Base articles (315279, 246184, etc)  on this topic, rather a summary of where to put the actual files and what to do with them.

Custom RIS Screens:  Suggestions for customizing RIS screens.


Import/Export settings (reservations too) from one machine to another


3Com Boot Floppies: For use with some of the newer or older network cards that may not be present on the RBFG boot floppy that came with Windows 2000 Server.  Click Here

Sysprep Webcast from MS:  (a good webcast to show how to get started).  Click Here

Sysprep Information Page from LabMice:  This site has lots of good information although most of it are just links to MS's KB.  Click Here

RIS Information Page from LabMice: (same as above except for RIS):  Click Here

Sysinternals Freeware: (good stuff here).  Click Here


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