Smalltalk MT 4.0 Release Notes

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Smalltalk MT 4.0

Smalltalk MT 4.0 requires Windows 98, Windows Me (Millenium), NT 4.0 SP3 or later, or Windows 2000 / Windows XP. The optional XML project format requires Internet Explorer 5 or later. Click here for more information about Setup issues.

bulletShared Components
bulletPath Feature (Optional)
bulletUnicode Version
bulletC++ Integration
bulletInstalling on a dual-boot machine
bulletRunning different versions of Smalltalk MT
bullet Running Smalltalk MT without installing it
bulletRedistributable Files

Shared Components

Shared components are installed in the installation folder (side by side installation). Components used by the samples are placed into the System subdirectory in the Smalltalk MT installation folder.

Path Feature

You can install the optional Path feature, which adds the Smalltalk MT installation folder and its System subdirectory to the path. This option facilitates testing executables and components you build with Smalltalk MT.

Unicode Version

Installing the Unicode version automatically adds the Smalltalk MT installation folder to the path. This avoids duplicating the runtime DLLs.

C++ Integration

Binary resources and Type Libraries require a third party C++ and resource compiler such as Microsoft Visual Studio. Install can set the include path so that the resources can be compiled. See also the notes below about dual-boot configurations.

Installing on a dual-boot machine

Like other software, Smalltalk MT should not be installed into the same directory.  

Running different versions of Smalltalk MT

Each major version of Smalltalk MT uses a distinct registry key, so it is possible to run different versions in parallel without loosing desktop settings. To avoid possible conflicts, copy all DLLs to the root folder of the installation.    

Note: You can run an image without installing Smalltalk MT. See below for more information.

Running Smalltalk MT without installing it

You can run Smalltalk MT from the root folder without installing it (this supposes that you installed Smalltalk MT into another directory or operating system in order to get the files and directory structure, or that you copied the installation files from the CD). The first time you run Smalltalk MT, it will prompt for the license key. You should also enter the directories into the Image Properties, IDE Preferences tab.

Another possibility is to fill the registry information below.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Object Connect\Smalltalk MT\4.0\Root]
"Registration"="your registration number"
"Name"="Registered Name"
"Organization"="Registered Organization"

Replace italic items with your license information, then save the text as a .REG file and enter it into the registry by running the file.

Redistributable Files

You can redistribute the files in the Redist directory according to the terms of the license agreement under which you obtained the software.  

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