Windows Scripting

A site about scripting for Windows, maintained by Alex Angelopoulos (aka at mvps dot org)

About the Site

This is a site about general scripting on Windows topics, maintained by me (aka at

Although any interesting areas of scripting are fair game here, the focus generally centers around the following features:

The content is also shaped by my current focus and available time (translation: lots of partially-completed content, OK?).


Windows Scripting FAQ

FAQ-ish material on Windows scripting.

The "Real" WSH FAQ Opens in new window

The Google archive for the microsoft.public.scripting.* hierarchy.  If you know a keyword or two, your answer is a click away.

I've also locally accumulated a few posts by Michael Harris and Torgeir Bakken, two of the scripting community luminaries.

The Art of Scripting

Primarily links to opinion pieces on scripting.

Scripting Languages

Information about various scripting languages, including links to some "shootouts" comparing some via various metrics.

Tools of the Trade

Sometimes there are reasons to blame your tools; but not if you get good ones.

Other Windows Scripting Resources

A selection of my favorite other resources for scripting on the Internet.

Gluing Languages Together

How can WSH interact with other programming tools?

COM and Windows Scripting

Windows Scripting Host languages are capable of doing almost nothing by themselves; their real power comes from exploiting external tools, most often COM libraries.  This section provides information about them and also links the Extensions for WSH project page.

Scripting with the .NET Framework

Although the Common Language Runtime does not rely on COM, it can be made to interoperate with traditional scripting languages fairly easily, either through COM interoperability support or through console applications.

The Rube Goldberg Memorial Scripting Page

Force majeure isn't just for legal contracts and international politics.  This section `celebrates' the application of overwhelming force and deus ex machina to scripting problems.  In other words, if it is a solution which is uses overwhelming force on a tiny problem, or steps well out of the bounds of `normal' scripting practice, then it's fair game to show up here.


Things NO ONE is usually interested in.  Including Analyzing Script Performance, Reflective Scripting, and Numerical Scripting.   (Don't say I didn't warn you).