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DNS Caching Issues with Win XP/2k


When Windows XP/2000 goes out to fetch a webpage, it keeps a good DNS entry and a bad DNS entry. This registry file will tell it to forget bad DNS entries and tell Windows not to cache it. [Registry File]*  File is only for Windows XP/2000. DO NOT USE ON ANY OTHER VERSION!.

This utility will flush out your DNS cache. When you have a hard time reaching websites or certain ones, try this. Rebooting will do the same, but why go through all of that? [FlushDNS.bat.] Just save the file on your Desktop or stick it in the Start, Programs or Start, All Programs. Please click save as to save it. Clicking open will run it.


Author: Eric C. Vogel
Posted: 5/15/2002
Updated: 5/15/2002

* By downloading this file, you hold me harmless, and I not responsible for good or bad results. These file are As-Is with no warranties. They work on my system, but may not work on yours.


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