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MyDoom Removal Tool from Microsoft.

How to tell  if a Security bulletin came from Microsoft:


bullet You should first subscribed to Microsoft Security Update for Home Users and Small Businesses e-mail notification service.
bullet Microsoft will *NEVER* send file attachments.
bullet Microsoft sends the bulletins in plain text ONLY. Never in HTML or formatted (RTF) e-mail.
bullet Microsoft ALWAYS digitally signs the message with a PGP signature. Download the free version to verify the message.
bullet Microsoft *NEVER* links directly to the patch. Only to a Security Bulletin that has a link to the patch. (The link will start with )
bullet Enable Windows Update Client. (How-To coming shortly.)
bullet Note: Microsoft Support (PSS) will never send out a e-mail with an attachment. They will only e-mail you after you have requested the file or PSS has offered it to you. They will e-mail you a link directly to the file with a password for the file with a URL.

Other Links (Home Users) (Corporate Users/Admin's) (Microsoft's statement.)
Anti-Virus venders. I have listed mostly free ones, and the one I suggest, Norton Anti-Virus on my other website.


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