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Software to Compliment Windows XP

!! Windows XP SP1!!



Windows Media Player 9 Get the Microsoft's MP3/WMA/CD/Movie player on the internet. Don't forget the Windows XP Plus Pack Digital Media Edition.


Windows XP Downloads Get Microsoft TweakUI, PowerToys and others here.


Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MSBA) This will find vulnerabilities from security fixes and MAY report security issues that need to be sealed by the user.

bullet Geek To Superhero Protect your Windows settings. This fills the gap between software firewall, anti-virus and spyware remoave tools.

DiskKeeper Lite Freeware. Same program that Windows XP uses for it's disk defragmenter. But updated to a newer version with a few more features.


WinAmp 5.0 Have to listen to some tunes while working.


miTweak-XP Free Tweak program to tweak XP further


Ad-Aware by LavaSoft. Get rid of spy-ware and don't forget to download Ref-Update to get the latest anti-spy-ware updates. Don't forget to update the def.'s once a week.

bullet Spybot Search & Destroy Same as Ad-Aware. Highly suggested you run both as one will catch what the other does not. Don't forget to update the def.'s once a week.

Listen's Rhapsody Listen to their free music channels. (Many require a monthly fee and may include in demand music.)


SpamBayes The best spam filter for Outlook. Has a 98% success cleaning rate for me. This uses the popular Bayesian Formula.


Zone Alarm Best Free software based firewall.


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