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How do I enable or disable BrowseNewProccess?

Browse In New Process keeps each window as a separate instance of IE. If you have it off, IE will use the same instance freeing resources and memory, BUT if one IE window crashes, they all crash.

Fix for IE 4.x through IE 5.0:
Tools - > Internet Options -> Click the advanced tab, then locate the option and check it under browsing. Click OK.

Fix for IE 5.01 and above:

Microsoft has removed the feature in the options. It is automatically turned on if your PC has 32 Megs of RAM or more. If you have less than 32 Megs of RAM it is turned off by default.

To change it to your liking, click Start -> Run -> Type regedit. Find the key by this string and change the value accordingly. See KnowlageBase Article Q240928 from more info.

The value should be a "Yes" or "No"

Author: Eric C. Vogel
Source: Microsoft
Posted: 11/24/99
Updated: 4/24/2002


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